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Time for some Jelly in Colorado Springs.


Why Coworking and Jelly?

The tech industry in Colorado Springs was doing great with all those massive technology companies around, but when they all relocated, the tech industry simply dried up. Since then, many independent freelancers in the tech (and similar) markets have been popping up. Unfortunately, unless you're looking for a corporate office setting, have the perfect home office or just don't mind the coffee shop grind (pun intended) every day, there really hasn't been any good place for freelancers to be during their long days.


Until now...


The Enclave

Coworking for Creative Professionals

2121 Academy Cir, Suite 104

Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (map)


We host a weekly co-working experience on Wednesday mornings in our space. RSVP at http://meetup.enclavecoop.com and come join us from 9am to noon!