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Sign up for JellyLiverpool below (you will need to sign up/log in) or via Facebook here.


Not sure what a Jelly is? The main WorkAtJelly page has a good description.  In summary though, it is simply a group of people getting together to work in a different environment to their usual one, whether it be freelancers, homeworkers or just people who want a change of scenery! 


There is no specific criteria to participate in JellyLiverpool, you can visit for the day or just drop in for an hour or two; it’s completely up to you.  


We'd love to encourage a lot more to attend and to spread the word wider in Liverpool to attract artists, graphic designers, or anyone else who works remotely or independently …so please tell your friends & colleagues ..... the greater the range of attendees, the more interesting the Jelly Liverpool becomes … and who know what you might get from it?  Come join us.  There is free Wifi and free coffee....what's not to like?


Feedback from delegates tells us that holding JellyLiverpool at the end of the Month is probably not the best time as the end of the Month tends to be congested with events….so acting on that we have decided to move it to the beginning of the Month ….. and we’ll see how that goes.


For venue & confirmed dates http://is.gd/jellypool


If you are interested then please add your name to this page along with a little bit about what you do.


If you want to take a look at they kind of people who turned up to JellyLiverpool go to Open Labs blog


I'm interested!

Andy Goodwin - Researcher Airless Spray

Allison Cordner - Events & Marketing type person air spray gun

Adrian McEwen - software/hardware freelancer

Jon Bloor - Lawyer (with added geek). Happy to have a go at answering any legal questions


Remember that you can also sign up on Facebook or just turn up on the day.