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Jelly in Wausau - THURSDAY, April 17th






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  1. Marcus Nelson - user management & Social Coordinating the Jelly - 9AM-10PM - TwitterID: @marcusnelson
  2. Ben Bliss - Web Developer, Programmer, Gaming Enthusiast - 2PM-8PM - TwitterID: @madisin
  3. Adrian Rinehart-Balfe - Unbifurcated code-mechanic/standards proselytizer - 6PM till bored or beerless - TwitterID: @Boogenstein
  4. Josh King - Web Developer, Console Cowboy - 6PM-10PM - TwitterID: @actaneon
  5. Jim Carlson - Internet Marketing - After 8PM - TwitterID: @jimcarlson
  6. Andy Laub - WordPress, Design, UI, CSS, Xbox 360 - 7ish? - TwitterID: @andylaub




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