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Urbana Jelly #1 • FRIDAY, August 7, 2009 - 9am to 2pm


Please RSVP on Facebook if you would like to go or if you do not have a Facebook account, just email me on susan at collectiveturf dot com. 


Freelancers, entrepreneurs, geeks, web developers, graphic designers, software engineers, writers, bloggers, podcasters, architects, grad students, professors and anyone else that just needs a little space and free WiFi and coffee in a casual environment to get work done are welcome!


We have space for up to 12 people, but we have reserved 3 spaces for coworking members who want to hang out in the conference room (space to seat 6 spread out comfortably) and spare office (about 6 there too).


Collective Turf Coworking (downtown Urbana's coworking space) will provide free WiFi, coffee, interesting conversation and good company. You just need to show up with your laptop, lunch and social skills and we'll see what happens.


Remember to RSVP on Facebook or email me on susan at collectiveturf dot com if you want to come along so we can plan for it.


Also if you want to keep up to date with First Friday Jelly and coworking in general in the Champaign-Urbana area, feel free to following @CUCoworking or @SusanPotter on Twitter or fan the Collective Turf Coworking page on Facebook.