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What is Jelly?

Jelly is an every-so-often casual coworking session. Anyone is welcome to come, bring a laptop, and work alongside other creative, fun people. Hope to see you there! See workatjelly.com and this blog post for more background.


When is Jelly?

Jelly is held every other Friday, at theHIVE, a new coworking space in downtown San Diego.


Jelly is open from 9am until 5pm. We break for lunch around 1pm, and then end the day with happy hour. Feel free to drop in whenever you like.


Please follow our @jellyinsandiego Twitter account to find out when the next Jelly is happening.


Who comes to Jelly?

Lots of cool people. Designers. Developers. Marketers. Writers. Biz dev folks. Everyone is welcome.


  • Patrick Crowley, something to do with SD Ruby.

  • Daniel Marashlian - I'll be working on Pelotonics stuff!
  • Nic Benders, working with Apple Push Notifications
  • Uday coming to heckle Daniel, Dylan, Patrick, and anyone else within arm's length - actually, I just show up for the milk and cookies...
  • Jennifer Juckett coming to add some marketing spin to the morning, working on VisionBoard app and updating all my own personal online prescence items.. etc. 
  • @bulletgani, working on A/B testing framework for rails app and user activity tracing.
  • Enrique Gutierrez - Working on web stuff.
  • Phelan Riessen - Working on multiple projects (as always).
  • Jarin Udom - Working on iPhone app and installing stuff for preDevCamp
  • Vincent Yuen, helping to expand the coworking movement
  • Jay Liew / @jaysern - Working on stuff with Python, Django, jQuery, Redis, Twitter's API, and soon Facebook's API + Android. Always happy to meet new people!
  • Llewellyn Falco: Cleaning some iaroc code. 
  • Jordan Fowler, working hard at my new desk at theHIVE!
  • Lindsay LaShell, yo.
  • Alex Kawas, working on social media research tools
  • Christopher Petersen, working on deploying a merb/couch app to ec2
  • Raj Basavaraju, will be working on few different things
  • Rahsaan Taylor I'm there.
  • Michael Heikkinen - noob looking to get connected
  • James Griffin, a variety of writing and magazine projects
  • Aaron VonderHaar (email), iPhone unit testing and software architecture curriculum 
  • Jed Sundwall, wordpress shtuff, i'll be riding my bike in! 
  • Bradly Feeley, Fighting with Cocoa and various web 2.0 related shenanagins
  • Wendy G, attending the afternoon session pending unforeseen conference calls
  • Luke Mysse, working on personal projects (by train & walking)
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  • Rich Yumul, learning agile development with Llewellyn on PHP
  • Lisa Brewster: participation still unfortunately depends on $dayJob, but if I can make it to Jelly I'll be elbow deep in http://sandiego.predevcamp.org!
  • Edward O'Connor
  • Nick Zadrozny
  • Chris Zach: Working on an ecommerce project in Magento, brainstorming startups, stalking Hober
  • Kevin Thompson: Misc. client projects.
  • Dominic Damian, consuming the PB&J from Neighborhood I was robbed of last time, and starting happy hour early
  • Eric Platt __(@macdood) - Will be nice to connect, get some work done.
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  • Trevor Gerzen Totally forgot about previous commitment at 12:50pm! Next time :/
  • Rob Kaufman - Will be there probably sharpening his tools
  • Ganesha Bhaskara - will be trying to finish looooong overdue documentation .......... yes documentaion
  • David Horn - I'll actually be in the area this time! I've got a couple different stats projects I'll be working on, probably.
  • Richie Edquid, uploading videos I told myself I'd do last week.
  • Kevin Workman, Working on Podcasting network site and editing.
  • Matt Aimonetti, working on client stuff and various other projects. (probably MacRuby & CouchDB)
  • Max Chung, working on a Django-powered goal setting webapp
  • Joe Mahavuthivanij, working on a functional spec for a new fb/iPhone app and new features for an existing fb app.
  • Todd Allen, working on mobile texting/fb app in Rails.
  • Peter Gumeson, I will be RESTing on the CouchDB in the lounge.
  • Jason King - trying to unite busy and social, because the old plan of waiting until I wasn't busy ain't workin' out :)  Also getting a kick out of updating this - hope @jellyinsandiego isn't playing games.
  • Steven Moody - Recent transplant to San Diego, looking for places to enjoy remote work.
  • Idle Tom, working on Android voice recognition
  • Stephen Gornick - Making my way from L.A. to North County | Working on my 2nd Django site
  • James Jennings (@jamesjennings) - mobile software developer based at theHIVE. 
  • Ben Hughes (@rubiety) - Ruby developer from Rochester, NY taking frequent weather escapes to San Diego, working on various Ruby stuff. 
  • Peggy Gartin (@thepegisin) - Blogging for San Diego Metblogs and gaining wisdom from my fellow Jell-o's. 
  • Carol Farrar @carolfarrar) - Entrepreneur/Blogger of North County communities/real estate/happenings & researching potential coworking space.

If you come to Jelly, please add yourself to this page.


Where does Jelly happen?

Jelly takes place at theHIVE, a new coworking space in downtown San Diego.



770 11th Ave

San Diego, CA 92101


Map: http://bit.ly/map_to_the_hive

Photos: http://flickr.com/photos/tags/jellyinsandiego

Video: http://vimeo.com/4792167


How do I signup for Jelly?

Well, you don't really need to signup... just show up. But if you'd like to mention you're coming to @jellyinsandiego on Twitter, that would be cool.


What should I bring?

  • Cool project to work on

  • Headphones, if you need to focus

  • Laptop with WiFi card
  • Beverages/snacks
  • Lunch money


Where can I park?

There are several four hour parking meters (many take credit cards) near theHIVE. If you can't find street parking, there are also a number of lots and garages nearby. Don't park in Horton Plaza (it gets really expensive after 3 hours.)


How do I get online at Jelly?

When at Jelly, you're welcome to use the WiFi network at theHIVE. The ssid is "HiveGuests" and the password is "hivenetworkz".


Can I rent office space at theHIVE?

Absolutely. If you're interested in renting space, you can review their rates. To book space, just call 619.702.6211 or email info@hivehaus.net.



Who organizes Jelly?

Jelly is organized by Patrick Crowley (aka @mokolabs).