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Page history last edited by Sheila Scarborough 2 years, 2 months ago

What is this "Jelly"?


(Update by this Jelly's founder - this is no longer an active Jelly, but it was fun while it lasted. Thanks, Sheila Scarborough) 


Jelly is an informal coworking session (we try for weekly in Round Rock.) Anyone is welcome to come and bring your laptop, art supplies, or whatever, and work alongside other creative, fun people.


Amit Gupta and Luke Crawford started Jelly in March 2006, in New York City. They chose the name Jelly because they thought of the coworking idea while eating jellybeans. 




What are you doing in Round Rock?


Livestock sighting at DELL Diamond, Round Rock Express baseball (photo by Sheila Scarborough)Round Rock is just north of Austin in Central Texas. The city has its own tech chops as the home of DELL, and the city itself has been around since 1854 (hey, join their city Flickr Group Pool, Like them on the Round Rock Facebook Page, or read some of the city blogs.)


The city's tourism tagline is "Sports Capital of Texas," because it is home to an astounding array of amateur, youth and recreational sports facilities, including a very popular skate park.



Yes, there is an actual "round rock;" it was a landmark on the old cattle-driving Chisholm Trail and it still sits in the middle of Brushy Creek.


There's some great Jelly action in nearby Austin, but we'd like some fun a little closer to home, so it's time for Jelly in Round Rock.


Hope to see you soon!



When do you meet?


On Fridays, any time between 11 am and 2 pm.  Some stay for the whole time, others come and go.


Our brand-spankin'-new first meeting ever was Friday, February 13, 2009. We celebrated our our First Anniversary for Jelly Coworking Round Rock on Friday, 12 February 2010, and then enjoyed our Second Anniversary on Friday, 11 February, 2011. 


We've been rather dead in 2012, but are working on reviving ourselves. :) 


Thanks very much to James Laughlin (@laughlinjames) for shooting this quick First Anniversary commemorative video. 



I try to be there most Fridays, but if I'm not, look for redhead tech whiz Brooks Bennett or friendly Jennifer L. Jones


Our Twitter hashtag is #RoundRockJelly, and here is our Twitter List of both regular and occasional attendees.



Where do you meet?


Star Co Coffee downtown.


They have a good gathering spot in the back with tables, and decent free WiFi.


Street parking is all around, or there is a free City Garage off of Main.


To get to downtown Round Rock, take I-35 and go East on 620 (Main St.) 


We have a Round Rock Jelly Flickr Group Pool if you attend and take any good photos that you'd like to upload.



Is someone in charge of this racket?


I don't know if "in charge" is an accurate description of this seat-of-the-pants endeavor, but it was my idea to launch Jelly in Round Rock, mostly to save myself driving hassles and find other freelancers/entrepreneurs in southern Williamson County and far north Austin.


I'm Sheila Scarborough (and on Twitter I'm @SheilaS