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Announcement: Looking for a new moderator for Jelly Northampton:

I am unable to continue moderating this Jelly. Several large projects prevent me from continuing in this capacity. Please contact me by emailing to 1world4all (at) gmail.com.

Yours Truly,

Lisa Hoag


JellyNoho in May

When:     Thursday, May 6  2010,  from 1:00-5:00 PM

Where:    Forbes Library, second floor small meeting room. 20 West Street,  Northampton, MA

Why:       Because working alone sucks. Especially for creatives and social mission types.

Who:      JellyNoho@Googlegroups.com or MistinguetteS@gmail.com



Five Mondays in March Jelly

When:     Every Monday in March 2010,  from 1:00-5:00 PM

Where:    Commonwealth Center for Change  126 Main St (lower level) downtown Northampton, MA

Why:       Because working alone sucks. Espcially for creatives and social mission types.

Who:      MistinguetteS@gmail.com


No Jelly Monday, March 29 because Mistinguette, the site coordinator, is too ill to open the building.

I'm really sorry.

Do you still want to Jelly? Saw us in the Gazette?

Please email MistinguetteS@gmail.com for info about the new day/time/location for Jelly in April.

Or check back here, which I'll keep updated.



The next Jelly is TBD

Northampton, MA
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


What is this "Jelly" you speak of?

Jelly's a casual work event where everyone's invited. It's for anyone who'd like to work alongside other creative people in a welcoming environment.


Some Jellies are in people's homes (that's how it started), others are in coffee shops and businesses. You bring your laptop and some work, and Jelly provides wifi, a chair, and smart people to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with. See workatjelly.com and this blog post for more background.


We are starting the Northampton Jelly on a monthly basis, on either the first or second Friday of every month.


How do I participate?

If you want to attend, create an account, click on a link for one of the upcoming Jellies below, and sign up on that page.


Upcoming Jellies


Past Jellies in Noho