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Add your name to the list of supporters if you'd like to join/organize/support/help!


(password: j311y ... That's "j", three, one, one, "y")


Unofficial Update from Michael Tunnell of Visuex.com

Jelly in Birmingham seems to be rather dead as it has been many months since an event was announced and almost a year since the Twitter was updated, so I went looking for another place to do coworking and I found one called "Sparkbox"...you can get more information by going to http://www.SparkboxCoworking.com


Also I have removed all the spam that was posted here...as John Hodgeman would say, You're Welcome.


Get Involved



Photos are starting to appear on Flickr. Pictures from Birmingham and pictures from other Jellys today.





2/26/09 JellyInBirmingham is going strong be sure to drop by fridays at O'Kafes for a great co-working experience




#1) When? Every Friday at O'Kafes.

#2) How much does it cost? Nothing, but it's always nice to show your appreciation to Cool Beans by buying a drink and/or lunch.

#3) Who should come? Jelly is a casual work-together. If you have something to work on, bring it and join us.


Pictures from a recent Jelly (8/8/2008):


iPhone 1 064 iPhone 1 066


When: Every Friday from 10am to 5pm

Where: O'Kafe's Coffee at Pepper Place, we are also rotating some weeks at Shift Workspace.




News (via Twitter)


    What is "Jelly"?

    Jelly is an every-so-often casual coworking session. Anyone is welcome to come, a laptop, and work alongside other creative, fun people. Hope to see you there! See workatjelly.com and this blog post for more background.


    Interested in Organizing

    (leave a contact link or other info)

    • Todd Sundsted (todd at sundsted dot com); working on Gazoont related materials, of course
    • Drew Jones (andrew@aquiferdesign.com)
    • Henry McBride (henry dot mcbride at gmail dot com) working on sungard related stuff as well as OLPC development


    Interested in participating when it's up and running

    (leave a contact link or other info)

    • Keith Gugliotto (keithg@splasm.com)
    • Greg Houston (ghnospam3000-pbwiki@yahoo.com); I will probably work on some open source projects in Ruby: Noodle and Ramen.
    • Rick Owens (rick@gazoont.com) 
    • Scott Schram (scott@schram.net)
    • Mykel Alvis (mykel.alvis@gmail.com)
    • Russell Cunningham (russell@cunninghamfirmllc.com)
    • Henry McBride (henry.mcbride@gmail.com)
    • Johna Ledlow (jledlow@aol.com)
    • Deidre Ali (emaildeidre@gmail.com)
    • Gordo Lowrey (info@gldes.com)
    • Tesselater@gmail.com
    • Vicki VanValkenburgh (vickivanv@gmail.com)
    • Josh Self (suctionhorse@gmail.com) blogger, photographer, film maker
    • Julie Welden (jdwelden@gmail.com)
    • Andrew Webster (andrew@webster.org)
    • Michael Tunnell (michael@visuex.com) - http://visuex.com


    Possible Venues

    • Innovation Depot
    • Cool Beans in Homewood/Edgewood
    • Vulcan Park has free wifi and tables/chairs out on the patio area (just below the statue)
    • Coffee on Valley (RubyHam met there)
    • Safari Cup (downtown)