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Who's coming on Thursday, February 15th


  • Amit Gupta at 9:30 am working on www.photojojo.com
  • saha - Woo Hoo Jelly!
  • nonecknoel - working on the luck of seven and hammering away looking for new clients. ps - special lunchtime party; don't forget to bring a broken heart.
  • MikeD I'll try to join y'all, but I'm likely to be stuck on the floor. Thanks though -- keep you posted...
  • Dave Keay I'll shoot for about 11 o'clock.
  • Joshua Keay 11 as well!
  • Adam Varga will try to make it.
  • Jamie Wilkinson @ 10am -- p.s. Mike, you edited me out! Perhaps I am not welcome? ;)
  • MikeD - I suck! Sorry 'bout that!
  • Sairam Suresh is shooting for 10. Will bring bagels. :)
  • John Goodwin - shooting for 10-10:30
  • [add your name here...]


We start at 9:30am and go until people leave. Bring a laptop and some work!


What’s Jelly? Jelly’s our attempt to formalize our weekly work-together. We invite you to come work at our home. You bring your laptop and some work, and we’ll provide wifi, a place to sit, and hopefully some smart people. It's casual--you'll have fun and get work done. (more info...)