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Brooklyn JELLY! Friday, September 7th, 2007


Location: 910 Eastern Parkway, 3rd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11213 -- MAP -- right off the 3 (kingston stop) & 4 (utica stop) trains. Call if you have questions — 617.335.8042


Who's coming on Friday, August 17th

  • Name, What you're working on, what time you'll be there (approx)**
  • Joshua Keay, hacking away on a new website -- 10:30am
  • Mark Low, Not sure yet, lots to do...-- 10:30am
  • Dave Keay, working on Widgets - 10:30am
  • sahadeva - working on startup + physical goods.
  • Adam Varga - Working on News Groper. Not sure when I'll be there, in the morning sometime.
  • Darrell Silver - System adminning.
  • Alex Linsker - writing cover letters to organizational development consulting companies and lots more -- not sure when
  • Add your name here!


Who's NOT coming on FRIDAY, August 17th