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Jelly SF Friday, September 25th, 2009

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Jelly in San Francisco - FRIDAY, September 25th, 2009



  • Houseku - 223 Fair Oaks, San Francisco (map) The Mission, near 23rd and Guerrero.
  • Muni/BARTBART to 24th St. Mission or J-Church to 24th St.
  • Limited car parking.



  • 10am - 6pm


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Who's coming?  What are you working on?


  1. katherine k robinson - 10am, Jelly! katherine@workatjelly.com
  2. Mariva H. Aviram (Mariva Media)
  3. Jeff Easter 
  4. Dan Cohen
  5. Aaron Cole
  6. Tim Moore - Atlassian
  7. Hiren Patel  - Community Management Project
  8. Timoni Grone - Scribd 
  9. Amit Gupta - Photojojo! 
  10. Carl Tashian - will be there after lunch
  11. Josh Cohen - Hostel Management 
  12. cindy - bein' cute, sleepin', eatin', smellin' stuff 
  13. Tantek - working on HTML and HTTP examples for the rel-shortlink microformat 





Photos from previous Jellies in San Francisco


See photos tagged jellysf in Flickr.