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Friday, Feburary 13th, 2009

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Jelly in San Francisco - FRIDAY, February 13th, 2009

Special Jelly Talks edition with Guy Kawasaki!




  • Houseku - 223 Fair Oaks, San Francisco (map) The mission, near 23rd and Guerrero.
  • Muni/BART: BART to 24th St. Mission or J-Church to 24th St.
  • Limited car parking but plenty of indoor bicycle parking!



  • 9:30am - 6pm


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Who's coming:


  1. Amit Gupta - working on Photojojo, 10am
  2. Guy Kawasaki, speaking at 11am SHARP!
  3. Danny Roa, at 10:30am
  4. Rob Carney at 10:00am
  5. Albi Cecioni at 10.30am
  6. Brian Tholen ~10:00am
  7. Heather Rasley - working for Automattic | WordPress.com
  8. Carl Gorringe ~10:30am
  9. Chris Hutchins at 10:30am - working on LaidOffCamp
  10. Eden Sherry
  11. Lindsay Eyink at 10:30am - Album Integrity
  12. Tantek Ã‡elik at 10:30am - microformats and user interface
  13. Damon Hernandez at 10:30 - working on web3D
  14. Dan Cohen at 10:30am Apple needs me to come into work...next Jelly I'm there!
  15. Zach Berke (+1) at 10:30
  16. Ben Finkel at 10:30 working on Fluther
  17. Alice at 10:30a
  18. Megan Casey @ 10am, Squidoo & personal messaging project
  19. Dale Larson at 10:00am
  20. Brian Noguchi at 10:00am
  21. Joey Roth at 10:00am listening to Guy and working on new products
  22. Gustaf Alstromer at 10:00am
  23. Eric Wu at 1030am
  24. Matt Nuzzaco at 10ish, testing automation scripts
  25. Beau Lebens @ 10:30/11 - WordPress freelance work
  26. Rupa Dev, 10:30, working on reporting projects for New America Media 
  27. Ed Lewis @ 10am, working on instructables
  28. Zack Rosen @10AM
  29. Mary Crosse @10am working on draftfcb secret projects
  30. Kip Williams @ 10 a.m. working on Radical Designs and DemocracyInAction.org
  31. Sumul Shah at 10:30am
  32. Maudie Shah at 10:31am
  33. Tommy Payne say 10:30 ISH
  34. Cathy Brooks at 10:00am, working on some social media projects for SXSW
  35. Wade Millican at 10:30ish, working on TheMiddleWay & wadem.id.au
  36. Wesley Beary @ 10ish, misc Ruby coding
  37. Nick Baum @ 10ish, working on Chrome.
  38. Vicky Kotze @ 10:30ish
  39. Ed Johnson @ 10am, coding'
  40. Rahmin Sarabi @ 10:30ish
  41. Dave Schumaker @ 10:30ish, friends and family visiting today!
  42. Michael Ossareh @ 10ish, working on secret-ish - need design advice!
  43. NO MORE, SORRY! -- add yourself to the waitlist below with contact info


Wait list: (leave contact info)

  1. Alex Shullman @10ish
  2. Arseni Harkunou @10:30 - working on various projects
  3. Stas Udotov @10:30 - working on various projects
  4. Joseph Sofaer @ 10am
  5. George Deglin @ 10am
  6. Grace Kim @ 10am
  7. Christian Niles @ 9:30am
  8. April Buchert @ 10:30am
  9. Robin Gandhi @ 10:30am
  10. Aaron Cole @ 10:30am
  11. Amy Benziger @10:30
  12. Steve Rhodes just for talk - srhodes at well.com
  13. Kaushal Jhalla @ 10:30 am - working on a crowd sourced crisis reporting tool called Ushahidi
  14. Chris Blow @ 10:30 am - working on a crowd sourced crisis reporting tool called Ushahidi



It might be the end of the world at exactly 3:31:30 in the afternoon on this day (three thirty and thirty seconds). That's when the UNIX timestamp will hit 1234567890. And it's Friday 13th. Just sayin.


Photos from previous Jellies in San Francisco


See photos tagged jellysf in Flickr.