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Cedar Hill Texas

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Jelly! Cedar Hill is starting up at White Rhino Coffee in Cedar Hill, Texas on September 18th, 2009 from 8:00am-6:00pm. Mark your calendar now!

Jelly is an ever-so-often casual coworking session. Anyone is welcome to come, bring a laptop, and work alongside other creative, fun people. Hope to see you there! See workatjelly.com and this blog post for more background.

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What is Jelly!?


  • FUN
  • Social
  • Creative
  • Encouraging/Inspirational
  • Productive Work

My name is Chris Stewart. As a software developer working in Las Colinas for a regional insurance company and living in Cedar Hill, it get's really frustrating having to drive 35+ minutes from home in order to meet people who share my passion for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. I firmly believe that the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex is full of talented people just like San Francisco, Boston, New York, or Austin; the difference is a lack of community. Oh, we have pockets of like-minded professionals that meet here or there, but there isn't an overarching feeling of belonging as a whole. As a former consultant, I've spent my fair share of time hogging free Wifi at Chick-fil-A, slurping down one-too-many hot chocolates at Starbucks out of guilt for using their space, and worst of all, feeling isolated from anyone who shares my passion for creating new things that make people's lives better. That's the attitude I want to help change, and Jelly! is my tool to do just that. Jelly! is all about bringing people together for a day every other week, or month, or quarter (depending upon the community) to work on their individual projects, whether it be web site design, graphics layouts, software development, blogging, writing, or any type of task that can be accomplished on their notebook with an internet connection. Instead of being isolated at a coffee shop, we can join together to share stories, collaboratively problem-solve, and bounce ideas off each other. While traditional office workers are always welcome, Jelly! events offers real-world human interaction for those of us typically workings as loners. I've attended several Jelly! events, and each time I walk away thrilled to meet people who share my values for interdependent creativity and recharged to complete my projects at hand. For the budding entrepreneurs in our fair city, Jelly! serves as a catalyst to help them cement relationships forged over Twitter and Facebook, or build new friendships while working side-by-side with peers they wouldn't have met otherwise. These people become their resource to build a team, refine their mission, and be held accountable by the group to execute on their strategy.



Why Cedar Hill?

Simply put, because Cedar Hill is the perfect place for this type of community. Our city is known as "the Hill Country of the Metroplex," so what's stopping us from becoming a center of entrepreneurial innovation like Austin? The problem isn't the people, but the lack of loosely-coupled community to liberate freelancers from Starbucks and startups from their parents' garages and put them in a high-energy, fun environment to make innovation happen. Also, Jelly! is just the first step. Once our community is thriving, we can consider opening a permanent coworking space like Conjunctured in Austin that will serve a dedicated place for freelancers, creatives, non-traditional office workers, knowledge-workers visiting our city, and anyone who wants to build their creative energies in an environment that is relevant and welcoming to everyone. Current leaders of dedicated coworking spaces recommend that a thriving Jelly! community exist for at least one year before considering a dedicated space, so here we are, planning events that could very well become a local movement. My grand desire in all of this is to shift the tech-focused gravity of the Metroplex south, so that it will be desirable for designers, developers, freelancers, and startups to locate in Cedar Hill. Together, we can change the landscape of our city by creating a community that will draw tech-savvy talent from Grand Prairie, DeSoto, Midlothian, Red Oak, and every other city south of I-20. To get involved, message me on Twitter and post your information below. Our first Jelly! is launching at White Rhino Coffee on Friday, September 18th, 2009. Post your name below or RSVP on our facebook event page if you're interested in attending. See you soon!


Definitely Attending:

  • (Name, Type of projects you're working on, time of day you'd most likely attend. Feel free to link your name to Twitter or Facebook so Chris Stewart can connect with you.)
  • Chris Stewart: Developing an iPhone Academy course and lots of other stuff; all-day; twitter facebook

  • Come on, put your name here!


Maybe Attending:

  • (Name, Type of projects you're working on, time of day you'd most likely attend. Feel free to link your name to Twitter or Facebook so Chris Stewart can connect with you.)
  • Come on, put your name here!


Meetup Details

  • Meeting at White Rhino Coffee
  • We will begin the day at 8:00am with breakfast at the White Rhino (muffins, scones, coffee, etc.) Everyone pays for their own meals.
  • We will break for lunch at a nearby restaurant around 11:30am, and kick the afternoon work session into gear at 1pm.
  • People will come and go throughout the day, so feel free to stop by at any point. You and your friends are always welcome at Jelly!
  • What to bring: Computer (if you need it), power strip, interesting books or magazines you're ready, papers and pens to write down the good stuff you'll pick up from your Jelly! peers, and most importantly, your ambitions and ideas.


Past Jellies in Cedar Hill

  • None yet!


Past Attendees

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